We advise firms of all sizes, strategies and locations. Our clients are partners. We know them and what they want. We implement customized, effective solutions on time and remain responsive, attentive and proactive to refine and preserve the best results.


established firm growing

Our client is an established hedge fund we advised in adding a foreign office, a new investment strategy and a new team of investors. It was critical to ensure the firm’s culture and style were shared by both offices and everyone was connected seamlessly by technology. The result is one unified, close-knit firm with multiple locations.

midsized fund building

This client is a growing, midsized hedge fund we consulted on developing an approach to professional management. The founder sought a succession plan and a method of coaching leaders in the firm to go beyond managing money and begin cultivating business leadership for the next generation, including a program for training and retaining talent.

large manager refining

This large alternative investment firm asked us to reimagine their investment process. Portfolio managers and analysts wanted to broaden access to each other, avoid bottlenecks and accelerate decision making. The result is an efficient, productive system that allows analysts more time to analyze and empowers portfolio managers to make more informed judgments with greater insight.

new manager emerging

When portfolio managers leave a firm to start their own, they face a new challenge: Building a business. It’s different from running a book on a desk. Here, we developed a strategic blueprint and budget, hired the core team, found a seed investor and launched a marketing plan with Founders’ Shares and a diversified base of supportive, committed investors.