Colden Capital provides consulting services to alternative investment firms. We offer outsourced executive leadership, freeing managers to focus exclusively on investing. Whether you lead an emerging fund or an established firm, we have the experience, expertise, insight and perspective to empower you to excel.


investment process for portfolio managers & analysts

Portfolio management
Risk management
Research & analysis
Maximizing bandwidth

We know what it’s like to manage a portfolio of investments, seeking to generate uncorrelated returns while controlling risk. We use our experience to advise portfolio managers and research analysts by coaching and supporting them and designing a custom, robust investment process that is scalable, repeatable, efficient, consistent and adaptable.

We will improve your performance by freeing you to focus exclusively on investing. By maximizing your bandwidth, minimizing distractions around you and helping you avoid decision fatigue, we empower you to excel. Once we understand you and your firm, we implement a systematic investment process that supports speed, accuracy, efficiency and productivity. In this context, on this playing field, you will rise and achieve greatness.

Rather than worrying about whether data is accurate or working on a spreadsheet overnight, your portfolio managers and analysts should be set free and empowered to do what will truly make a difference: Think. With the right investment process in place, your team will be able to research, analyze and win. The numbers and information are commodities. Your team’s judgment, acumen and insight are what will make the difference. 

As a result, the front office of your firm will be ready to invest up and down the capital structure, across asset classes, around the world and through various market, economic and credit cycles. You will have the time, energy and focus to achieve your potential and become one of the elite who rises to greatness even in the most exacting, demanding investment environments.

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Business development for relationship managers

Investor relations & marketing
Relationship management
Capital introduction
Project management

When you’re a professional investor, you focus on making money. You also know you need to build a business around you in order to leverage your skill and create a leading, lasting, diversified firm that will survive you. That’s a gratifying legacy.

There is only so much time in the day. There are only so many hours in which you are productive and perform at your best. Too often, business issues interfere with your desire to focus on investing – and yet the business issues are equally as important even if they don’t seem as urgent in the moment. Over time, in the aggregate, your business will suffer if you don’t invest in developing it. We used to think the phrase “business development” was silly. It isn’t. We will help you develop your business according to your goals. We learn what your goals and objectives are and create a battle plan to accomplish them.

In order to attract and retain a committed and supportive investor base, you need an outstanding business development and investor relationships effort. We will identify the best professionals for the job, infuse them with your culture, train them to generate results and provide them with the best tools to maintain excellent investor relationships. They will be responsive, attentive and informative with your clients. Your investors are paying fees 24/7/365 and should receive commensurate customer service.

There will also be times when special projects will benefit your organization. We set up internal red teams to challenge accepted wisdom, ensure that the organization is structured optimally and provide the perspective required to balance the imperatives involved in your firm’s success. Ultimately, you and your team will be ready to adapt, innovate, execute and lead.


team engagement in a strong culture

Executive & director search
Training, retention & compensation
Leadership development
Succession planning

You are where you are because of who you are. You are talented and have worked hard to earn your success. Still, you can’t do this alone and will achieve much more when you surround yourself with outstanding professionals. We conduct unequalled executive and director search to identify and hire the best people for your firm. Then we on-board them – training, engaging and retaining them by fostering your firm’s culture. The members of your team want to feel like who they are: Your teammates. We know you don’t have a lot of time to hold their hand and yet they deserve to be trained, heard and supported. The more they’re prepared, informed, included and validated, the better they’ll perform, leading to better performance for the firm. Studies show that people who feel safe, respected and trusted to be their authentic selves at work will excel and achieve their full potential, creating greater success for their firm. We promote the positive environment that makes this possible.

We hire, train, retain and motivate talented people in a meritocracy of opportunity and teamwork. We are dedicated to cultivating strong relationships among your people and fostering a collegial culture of optimism, creativity, excellence, diligence, accountability, tenacity and integrity. When necessary, we will let people go who are not a good fit. It’s best for them and best for the firm that they move on and find something they’re good at doing. The people who remain will be encouraged and energized by the atmosphere of merit and value.

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Efficiency, accuracy, security & continuity
Technology & systems
Strategic & financial planning
Investor privacy, discretion & access

One of the least exciting and most important aspects of your success is the firm’s operations. From accounting procedures to systems and technology, your back office must be robust, reliable, efficient, secure and backed-up. Investors deserve and demand impeccable financials and impenetrable security. We source and oversee the most trusted, tested and cutting-edge technology so your firm operates on a solid foundation that supports business continuity, security and remote availability.

Your investors expect privacy, discretion and access. We balance these demands and provide solutions that protect their account information while providing them with secure, intuitive and mobile connection.

Strategic and financial planning are important elements of proactively building and maintaining your business. We will learn what kind of firm you want to create and develop corresponding plans to underpin your success.